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Poll: With Schefter saying Russel Wilson could be traded if they fall in love with a QB in the draft do you want him?


Russel Wilson poll  

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  1. 1. Do you want to trade for Russel Wilson?

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    • No

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Wilson isn’t coming here.  I understand fans want a proven QB like Watson  or Wilson but it ain’t happening.  Douglas wants to build through the draft so giving up a ton of high picks makes zero sense.  If we are getting a new QB it will be through the draft.  We have way too many holes so we can’t give up so many picks 

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For the 2nd straight up I’d consider it but not if we love Zach Wilson to the level some do.

We’d still have the ammo to get good pieces around him and would probably instantly be a playoff team with a small window of competing for the Superbowl. Especially as it looks like QB’s are gonna be able to play into their 40’s.

So yeah I’d probably do it but for no more than that.

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Some guys have DNA that makes them like buying (see Trader Mike) while others always feel comfortable selling.  JD is like that.  I think he's far more comfortable "selling" Darnold and drafting a QB or "selling" the #2 pick and keeping Darnold, than he is "buying" Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson. JMO...

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If Watson is off the table?  Absolutely.  After watching the Darnold Show for three seasons, our offense would look like it were in fast motion with Wilson running it.   No matter what "weapons" he had at his disposal, Wilson would get the ball into the end zone constantly.  Ridiculously incredible upgrade at our QB position.

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What exactly were the Seahawks to do with the 20th pick, added with a Russell Wilson lead Bears 2022 and 2023 pick? People are saying that's too much when in reality it's nothing. It's not like the Hawks are getting back a QB in the process to run out and deploy. 

In the process of trading Wilson for the Bear's 20th pick this year and getting a Wilson lead Bears pick in the 20s in 2022, they'll be given up a top 5 pick in 2022 to the Jets as a result of that trade as that team isn't going anywhere with Geno Smith.

If Russell is to get traded the only two and best option for the Hawks are the Jets by a mile and the Panthers to a way lesser degree.

Our advantage would be the control of their 2022 pick. If things go wrong it nice to know you can tank and get rewarded. If Houston had control of their 2021 pick, management would of had a incentive to purposely tank and probably even rest Watson down the stretch after firing Bill OBrian.

Sam Darnold, 23rd overall pick, 34th overall pick and Seattles 2022 1st pick tops the Bears offer.

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Field Yates


If Russell Wilson were traded, here’s what a new team would owe him:

2021: $19M base salary, $19M cap charge

2022: $19M base salary, $5M roster bonus, $24M cap charge

2023: $22M base salary, $5M roster bonus, $27M cap charge

Would be arguably the best veteran value in the NFL.

3:55 PM · Feb 25, 2021


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QB Wilson

4 minutes ago, Icer said:

I'd trade the #2 for Russ straight up. He still has 7-8+ years of high level play in him and the draft is no sure bet.

I don't think we should have to trade the number two overall pick, but I definitely know Russell has 3-4 elite years in the bag. Something that would save the careers of our GM and HC. Especially GM Douglas who maybe walking into a 5-6 win season this year.

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