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Whats the Score? Jets @ Dolphins

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9 minutes ago, GreekJet said:

Very worried about this game. If there is one game Gase will want to win before he gets fired it’s this one. 

I could definitely see the Dolphins coming out flat this week. 



Okay, let's say the Dolphins come out flat.  Who do the Jets have at running back that will pound on the Phins defense?  What receivers do we have that will score touchdowns?  Berrios?  Outside of Crowder, who scares Miami? Our quarterback is not a threat to run, so is Gore and Perine going to "light it up."  What pass rush do we have?  Tell me about our great cornerbacks.  

In short, if Miami doesn't turn the ball over more than 3 times for touchdowns, they will win the game easily.  It really doesn't matter if Miami comes out flat.  They only have to show up.

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40 minutes ago, Biggs said:

Classic trap game for the Fins.  Jets lose by less than you think.  

Jets ain't a trap game for anybody. Trap games are against teams that have a bad record but are feisty and competitive. The Jets would lose a football game to a day-old tuna salad sandwich. There is no fight in this team and no will to win.

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