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Happy birthday JetsFan80

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Happy B! 🍕🥦🧄🥦🧄I tried to hit pizza, balloons and cake but it looks like I wound up with pizza, broccoli, and garlic, what the frig. : / Anyway, if you don't play pin the tail on Jamal Adams at your party you'll disappoint me.

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9 hours ago, T0mShane said:

Happy birthday @Jetsfan80, a true player and pimp. Hope it was righteous

**** this guy! It was my birthday last week, where were you then? Just because I don't hold your inside-out pocket when we're walking the JN yard? **** you, too. 

Also, happy birthday, 80. For a second I thought your birthday was 4/20, but that would be way too cool for you. 4/19 is nice, though. 

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