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Christopher Johnson Press Conf: MERGED

Patriot Killa

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35 minutes ago, bitonti said:

as a Sewell at 2 fan, this is a silver lining of the Johnson's not knowing what a sunk cost is 

what's the worst that happens they take an All Pro tackle and find an identity 

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Fair point.  The concern is that the Jets end up exactly where Philly is right now if they exercise the 5th year option or extend Sam.  They have an expensive QB that's difficult to unload and they're drafting in No Man's Land between say 8 and 15 the next few years with no real ability to find Sam's replacement.

How about Fields at #2 and Sam Cosmi or Alex Leatherwood later in Round 1?  There's also no reason you couldn't also keep Sam in this scenario.  The Jets extended Sanchez (without a big commitment) while also drafting Geno Smith.  The Eagles extended Wentz and drafted Hurts.  Why not use some of the huge Cap space for 2022 to exercise Sam's 5th year option, gaining a bit of time and leverage, while also drafting someone like Fields?

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7 minutes ago, rangerous said:

i don't know how anyone can say this?  parcells and the bellichicken certainly took an interest in the offense even though they were defense guys. i'm not sure where john harbaugh came from but he was the special teams coach before becoming head coach.  this whole ceo designation is getting people tied up in knots.  to me it just means the next coach is going to be more of an overseer.  he not necessarily going to be calling offensive or defensive plays.  this is a good thing.

Parcells had Charlie Weis call and design the offense and Belichick call and design the defense.  Not sure I can imagine seeing a new HC like Daboll not being more like a Gase where he focuses on the offense and his DC is almost like an equal...

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5 minutes ago, flgreen said:

I suspect Harbaugh doesn't even get a call.  Douglas is going to hire someone he, or Rex Hogan is familar with.

Didnt they report that Harbaugh and Michigan were near an extension through 2026?

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15 minutes ago, Ohhthepain said:

JOE DOUGLAS is the true ALPHA MALE FOOTBALL GUY that this franchise needed.

The ultimate catalyst

He trimmed the fat.

He forced the fake news journalist to be banished from the NFL.

He traded/cut the malcontents like Adams/Bell when they were alienated by their HC.

He fired the meek, bookworm pencil pusher that was Adam Gase who couldnt connect with the whole team.

He aced his first draft and masterfully played the board like a RESPECTED GM.

Leave the keys in the hands of the true FOOTBALL personnel GUY,  the ALPHA LEADER of the franchise. 

He is the KRYPTONITE of the eeyore SOJ "fans" that thrive and consume misery 24/7.

SOJ fans hate him and everything he does.

In other words he is exactly what the Dr ordered. 



It’s SORE II!!!

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12 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:


No worries.  This is classic good cop, bad cop.  Owner says all the nice things, Joe Douglas steps up behind Joe Pesce with the gun in the empty room from Goodfellas.


This. If new HC or JD get rid of Sam, then it’s a signal the owners are staying out of it.

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18 minutes ago, Jetsbb said:

"I’m a huge fan of Sam. I think he’s a great QB,” Johnson said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “I think he has wonderful talent and drive and leadership. I don’t think the book has been written on Sam. He has a very big future. And I personally hope it’s on this team. That’s what I told him after the game: I hope he is a Jet going forward. But that decision will be made by Joe Douglas and our new coach. That’s about as definitive as I can get on Sam.”

The most concerning part of this quote is that he told Darnold personally he wants him to stay a Jet. This could have been dismissed as just standard talk to hype his trade value until he revealed his personal conversation with Darnold. This is not good. When Joe talks to the media I fully expect him to say Sam Darnold is the starting QB in 2021. Typical Jets investing in sunk cots basing decision on value they gave up for previous mistakes instead of moving on.

There is nothing bad about this. Our owner can be a fan. As long as Douglas and the new coach are making the decisions, that is progress.

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