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Christopher Johnson says Gase will return in 2020

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The plane worked! Keep donating!

I really thought the plane was going to work you guys.

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3 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

was it really necessary to say this on november 13th, the day felix under was asked to remove himself from his place of residence (that request, btw, came from his wife)?  why do it today?  can't you make him feel a bit more heat so tries extra hard to win more games?

I am not a fan of Gase.  But if the owner decides that he is not firing Gase, this is the right PR move.   You already have people buying banners to fly around and fire Adam Gase.    This will put most of that to rest.   Again, I want Gase fired, but at least the owner is getting out ahead of this.

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4 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

The mistake was not hiring Rhule last season and all the BS that went down with it. Gase is your run of the mill cheap coach for an organization currently paying 2. He’s an upgrade from Bowles at least.

But we got Gregg Williams out of the deal so it's all good.  # 28 ranked defense baby!

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2 minutes ago, Lith said:

Don't get the need to come out and say this now.  You want to say the you will evaluate coacj, coaching staff, players at end of the season, fine.  But what is the point of saying his job is safe now.  At the end of the season, if Darnold and the rest of the team look better than they have over the first half, you make any announcements then.  I don't understand the timing.

Reaction to the plane. This shouldnt be a surprise. The Jets passed on the "all-in" candidate coach last season in Rhule. Firing Gase to hire another coordinator, while they're still paying Bowles was never going to happen. This is the structure they like. Sounds like Darnold has more cache than the coaches though, which isnt good.

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they fed this up ..nothing in gase's history even suggests he will have any form of success. The Johnson's need to sell. When ex-players and media outlets are wondering if he deserved the job and when he would be fired, now it will get uglier. with each embarrassing lose with each and every f'ed up choice he makes he will get ridden harder and harder and CJ will get that venom also now

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