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Who should the Jets sign to backup Zach Wilson?


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4 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

I agree w/ the OP.  Beathered is the guy as he knows the offense, is a vet snd can help wilson.  

If Morgan comes along, he can be the full time backup the following year.

Bullshit. He’s Joe’s man, he sat a year and is ready to start! I can feel it. 

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Probably Alex Smith if this is a real question. He's helped every young QB he's been involved with and hasn't been selfish about it. Dwayne Haskins doesn't count, Even Jesus couldn't save that dude from himself. He's the black version of me, but that's why nobody should ever invest millions or a high draft pick in me.  I'd YOLO if you gave me the cash in my home town also

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The James Morgan pick still really confuses me.  I get why he wasnt ready to play in 2020, even with the team in a complete implosion but going forward Im not sure where he fits.

I went back and read his scouting report on ganggreennation, and this tidbit really stood out:

As noted, Morgan is at his best when he makes a quick read and gets rid of the ball on time. That would seem to make him a good fit for Adam Gase’s system.

Part of the reason Morgan left Bowling Green was because they got a new coach at the end of his true freshman season and had introduced an Air Raid offense which he didn’t feel as comfortable in.

The NFL is moving more towards and air raid type league and you want a mobile QB, so how is this guy exactly a fit?  On top of that, JD couldnt have predicted that we would now have the shanahan system here, but that makes Morgan even worse of a fit.

Maybe it was a gift pick to Gase?  Maybe he sees something we dont?  But overall, if it was just a bad pick I hope we cut bait sooner rather then later.

As for the backup, Id love to see a veteran like Alex Smith if we draft a rookie at 2.  If we wind up with watson, id rather see nick mullens or someone like that who could hold the fort for 2-3 games if necessary and who knows the offense.

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