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Your prayers are appreciated ...

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1 hour ago, Maxman said:

Thanks everyone for the continued thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. It means the world to us.  Lauren finished her 18 week treatment plan which was chemo every week and two hormone therapies every third week with the chemo. A bunch of side effects from the treatment but she battled through. At the end of the 18 weeks they did another set of scans.

When you get the results you are always hoping to hear, no sign of cancer, it is a miracle. The reality though with Stage 4 is that wasn't very probably after just 18 weeks. There was really good news though:

  • All of the existing cancer responded to the treatment
  • Everything shrunk considerably; the oncologist was very happy

There was one new very small spot in one of her lungs. So what they decided to do was continue chemo with the hormone therapy but change it up. They are now using a different chemo drug that is combined with the hormone therapy and it is targeted. They have a way, it sounds a lot like immunology, to target the cancer cells.

So they are using a tougher drug that has been repurposed and will target the cancer that way.  This treatment is once every three weeks and it is only half an hour long, with no premeds. That part makes things easier because the first round the long day every 3rd week was 4 hours or so.

Thanks again everyone, the prayers are appreciated.

Max, I really don't fully know how to respond.  I am overjoyed that overall things are going in a positive direction.   But man, what your brave wife is having to endure.   And you, keeping the family and everything else running smoothly while she undergoes treatment.  Kudos.  Obviously, she has the heart and strength of a lion.   Please wish her well.   

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19 hours ago, Maxman said:

Thank you!

Once every 3 weeks now for treatment, the day of and few after treatment she is really tired. She battles through and the next two weeks were much better.

Treatment again on Wednesday this week.

Youre welcome.

I notice that youre gone from the board alot taking care of her.

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@Maxman, god bless you and your wife.   Hope everything continues to get better.


Oh and is it okay to curse here because I want to say :   F*CK CANCER!

(lost my mother to it way back in 2000)

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On 11/3/2021 at 5:07 AM, Maxman said:

Definitely haven't had as much time on the board as I would have liked so far this year. Free time has been evasive in 2021.  :)

Luckily, the Jets havent given us much to post about...

Hang tough you guys, and get through this.

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