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<<<<<<< Jets vs Broncos -- The Official Game Thread >>>>>>>


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1 minute ago, jetstream23 said:

Resilient win. On the road. Injured team. Left a whining WR in NY. I’ll take it.

Whether it’s the defense, the QB, the Coaching, the rushing attack, etc. Doesn’t matter to me.

This team is finding ways to win in different ways. me likey!

Exactly.  Every Jet fan should be happy right now with 5-2

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4 minutes ago, Barton said:

Right. So Aaron Rodgers wouldnt help? 

Goes without saying that Aaron Rodgers makes the Jets better. Trading for him is a completely separate conversation. It won’t happen, and I wouldn’t want it to happen. Acquiring him would take multiple first rounders and we couldn’t afford his contract. He is on the downside of his career. 

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Few early thoughts:

1) Why couldn't we have a man anywhere near Dulcich on nearly every play?

2) Why didn't they throw to Dulcich on nearly every play?

3) Zach may need eyeglasses (Ricky Vaughn anyone?)

4) Where was our pass rush against an average OL the first 3 quarters?

5) Our secondary was really good today other than whiffing on the TE so many times

6) Wilson may not be able to throw, but he's really elusive.  Maybe we can convert him to a WR?  We may need one next week.

7) What's the NFL record for penalties in a half?  We have to have come close.

 8 ) Can we just get the list of Jets who weren't injured this week to save time?

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  • Post of the Week 1
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