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### NY Jets 2020 Week 2 Jets vs. 49ers ### - The Official Game Thread

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Max started the game thread

On the bright side one thing did remain very consistent for the Jets the amount of people in the stands in the 4th quarter at home.

Lol Rewatch Becton on that reverse 😂  pancakes the DB who makes almost no effort to get back up hes already my favorite Jet 

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29 minutes ago, N144er said:

Jets are shyt, like they have always been. Sam darnold couldn't hit the side of a barn, and the other players are simply sh*tty football players, N144ers.

If I were Captain this guy woulda been the one starting our chants every Sunday. Hess in 21’

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2 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

Damn that was good coverage. Reed with the strong hands.

It was good coverage Marcus Maye is fine not sure WTF people are watching saying Maye getting eaten up by Reed ? First TD was a pick play second Maye was all over him he just made a great catch on a great throw.

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This team is bad.  Gase is Bad,.  3 and and 1.  Run Sam up the gut twice for 3 feet.  What a waste.  Getting torn up by the quick passing game again.  Wow,  0-16 might just be a possibility.  These games need fans,  So I have now thrown this season away.  Gase gets fired and Trevor Lawrence will be behind center.  What utter trash.  O-line has been the only bright spot.

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Just now, BurnleyJet said:

Well I cant wait for Gase's  legendary half time adjustments.

Going full long johns which should bring us some luck.

Can you imagine if SF's full compliment were in there.  LOL.   The Jets are essentially playing their second and third team.   GFY


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2 minutes ago, David Harris said:

First half observations:

sam looks much better

use the QB sneak on 4th and 1!!!

perriman needs to suck it up And get back out there

Anderson is completely responsible for that last touchdown - another bonehead played by a losing team

Becton is a star

Bless Austin might be one too

i think Mims will be transformative 

I have high hopes for Ashton Davis but he has had a couple welcome to the NFL moments including that first touchdown by Mostert

IOL needs upgrades- 



Bless Austin getting toasted and missing tackles

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2 minutes ago, shevys said:

Absolutely putrid half. Three decent players (Darnold, Q Williams and Becton), three horrific coaches (Gase, Loggins and Williams), and the rest is mostly garbage. Brutal to watch. 

Sam, QW and Becton can stay.  Cut the rest of the team and the entire coaching staff and the owners

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