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Let’s come up with a nickname for Mekhi Becton

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45 minutes ago, bitonti said:

for men of this size, a big dookie can change the scale 9 pounds 

it's within the margin of error to compare him to Trent Brown, if Brown wasn't a slug 

btw Raider good to see you bud I wanted Ruggs think he will light up Vegas 


From the Tony the Wiz bitch thread.....I vote for "Big Dookie"

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Mount Bechton I think was already said somewhere, and I think that should stick...

How about “Crusher”?

He has one it’s Big Ticket 

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1 hour ago, Kleckineau said:

Its all we have and YOU are not gonna take it from us mister bossmeister ☺

nah, never TAKING...      its like my immune system fighting back...i drank the koolaid 2 years in a row...

bottom 6 QB and a very minor contributor on the DL when both were sposed to be so damned special

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2 hours ago, Losmeister said:

just lose your homerism, thanks...i had a jerkoff bet me that Leo Willaims would have 10 sacks cos all the freedom Q would create for him with him occupying 2 OL...  i am hoping he pans out. but errybuddy is now sorta just COUNTING on him being a plus player in the NFL.

all i say is NOT SO FAST. 


I don't think your sentiment is misguided, and you're well within your right to bitch about the Jets and past failures, it's just a weird thread to be doing it in

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