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****The Official Broncos @ Jets Gameday Thread****


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Just now, bostonmajet said:

i guess you can't rough a Jets QB; but they got a gift after the missed FG, and what does our genius coach call, run up the middle, dazzle and run up the middle, pass in end zone with a crowd of Jets receivers in one spot.

He is such a bad play caller/designer.

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5 minutes ago, Bleedin Green said:

One call going for the Jets involves time-travel that erases multiple phantom calls for Denver while significantly worse non-calls see nothing?  I suppose that's one take.

you complain about the refs every game, yet I don't think the Jets have ever lead the league in penalties and I'm also fairly confident that this team has been poorly coached and undisciplined for over a decade. There's no ref bias against the jets

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