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8 minutes ago, Bleedin Green said:

Both Wilson and Davis deserve their share of blame of that play.  Davis could have made the catch, but the throw was high and there was a much better option available.

Exactly.  Its not just the sins of commission (first INT) that matter.  The sins of omission (2nd INT) are important too.  

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1 minute ago, Paradis said:

Seriously? There was 3 guys in the area. Wake me up when a ball never goes high and through a receivers hands ever. I’ll set my alarm for never. 

begging the situation throwing into that kind of traffic

The pass should’’ve been caught. It’s only an interception if it goes right through - or pops up off - Davis’s hands. If it’s caught, as it should have been, this is a non-discussion. 

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No...it's not nearly over...not even close...hold onto your hat

Sent from the NY Jets Training Camp Suicide Watch desk.

Wilson is just going to keep throwing ******* picks.
That isn’t sustainable

Mac Jones is nothing special but we are giving them a free W
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Just now, Jets4Life1979 said:

Serioulsy why do I even ******* bother watching this sh*t team anymore?  Nothing will ever change and we're all retarded for buying in to this nonsense....its a waste of a sunday

It’s the first quarter.  Stop acting like this is over.  

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