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<<<<<<< Jets vs Vikings -- The Official Game Thread >>>>>>>


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1 minute ago, bostonmajet said:

Is there a new rule in the NFL where you cannot run the ball except on first down? And, I totally hate the empty backfield.

If Min scores a TD the game is over and Saleh has to take some blame for that stupid go for it on 4th..

And if we make it, go down and score and get back in the game, its brilliant.

Ballsy call, nothing wrong with it.  If the receivers would actually catch the ball, we could be in this game.  4th drop today. 

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Just now, JTJet said:

Yes I'm watching. And No. I'm not joking. At all. 

Every gamethread. Win or lose. Refs are blamed when we are down, when something doesnt go our way, etc. 

Maybe, just maybeeee, receivers letting passes bounce off their hands, Minnesota with more game tape of Mike White, or our defense folding and letting Minnesota's run game do what it wants has something to do with a 17-3 game?

Maybe it's just me. 

Both can be true. 

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