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Just now, freestater said:

Personal embarrassment more important than winning games. Becton's free ride, Mims ongoing uselessness, Adhtyn Davis etc etc

That's exactly what it is. Its human nature to not want to look like a fool. 

If JD ensured Saleh cut Mims, Davis, and Mann this training camp like they should have, its ammo for his haters. 

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2 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

I’d agree if they were actually in a LT competition.  Fant is currently playing the position he spent all of last year, and the the vast majority of the summer, playing.  Brown didn’t even really start practicing until the week of the 2nd preseason game.

This is a zone blocking scheme. It relies on timing and coordination more then it does individual play. The fact that these guys didn’t practice together and get this sh*t down isn’t on Fant. He was legitimately set up to fail by Douglas jerking off that fat piece of sh*t Becton. Think of how much time and energy the coaching staff had to waste on that obvious turd. That comes at a cost, and Fant is paying for it today

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