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    • Pretty much sums it up. Was hoping Geno gained some awareness but after the first was just a matter of time before he got hurt. Didn't expect that so soon.  Looked like he had some promise.  Gotta learn how to throw the ball away, and duck those punches from team mates!
    • I was one of the few Geno Smith fans on this board and am still absolutely crushed by the news. I really believe he had one of the most unluckiest careers in the NFL. This was his last chance and I honestly believed he was going to seize the opportunity. Soft part of schedule, weapons at WR, and at least a mediocre OC that will let him play with training wheels off. It's sad to say we'll never get to see his potential.  Even worse, I'm forced to watch Fitzpatrick put us back on a treadmill Sunday. This organization is cursed man. Geno had tools. I don't care what any naysayer says. He wasn't supposed to be thrown in immediately and was in an awful situation in 2014. 
    • Petty might be more hurt than they're letting on.
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