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    • Wow. Where to begin? First of all if Geno "Friggin" Smith is the best option for this team we are truly screwed. His football IQ is terrible. He has a strong arm but his football sense is still as bad as it was in his rookie year. He has no touch and he has no sense of where his WR's are on the field. This has been evidenced time and time again. You talk about dividers and mention Mangold. I'm sure a center with his pedigree knows a little something about the guy who is calling the snaps. A pro bowler like Mangold can see that Geno "friggin" Smith is friggin clueless on the field when it comes to progressions, looking off the DB's and making throws that his guys can get too. Sorry but I trust Mangolds opionion more than yours. Marshall and Dekker are NFL caliber WR's. Maybe Marshall has lost something but when he was catching everything thrown to him it wasn't Geno who doing the throwing. Marshall even took Geno under his wing and still Geno "friggin" Smith was unable or unwilling to get in sync or have a connection.. Of the other guys you mentioned Enuwa and maybe Anderson are second line guys on a good team. The others are unproven and highly suspect. Then you want to bring in Kaepernick I don't believe he will "fly" here either. You think he will be a leader if he is beaten out by the likes of Geno? You think Geno, who has exhibited nothing but immature behavior in the locker room AND on the sidelines will be able to handle being beaten out by Kaepernick? Not to mention it will cost money to sign both guys on a cap strapped team with a suspect OL . Why even entertain the Kapernick idea if your so sure Gen "friggin Smith is the best answer for this team? Your idea's are a recipe for disaster plain and simple. Signing those two will do nothing but hinder this team. What sense does it make to spend the type of money it will take to sign those two guys when you could have the same result with Petty and/or Hack? Who BTW make a third combined of what it will take to sign one of the guys you mentioned? Neither Kap or Geno will play for the league minimum here. That is a pipe dream. As far as cutting the deadwood that is the only thing I agree with here. You need to realize that in order to go forward they need to bring new blood in and use this draft's strength at need positions to build for the future. Then use the coming drafts strengths to add as needed. I am not against signing FA's but they must be smart in how they spend their money. Signing underachievers Like Smith and Kap are the old ways. The old ways do not work. Why can't people see that?
    • I'm not saying you're wrong, since I don't know myself, but why wouldn't the $2m RB count towards his $6m guarantee? He's guaranteed to get paid $6m this year. If his $2m RB is paid, it seems to me he'd be still guaranteed another $4m. I'd think any amount paid to him would count towards fulfillment of the contract's guarantee.
    • Thanks, that was fun to watch.   Liked football so much better back then
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