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    • Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson
      If Marhall defines elite for you, that's on you. While he probably did have the best year of his career last year and it was one of the better seasons at WR in the league, there were lots of guys better on a rate basis - including teammate Eric Decker: I consider him probably a top 15-25 WR because he's typically so inefficient and prone to dumb mistakes like that fumble this year.  What's with this sh*t? What does this add and is this your way of saying the a Jets should give Aldon Smith $30 million? As the newer crowd goes, you definitely seem to be on the lower end of quality.
    • Guns, Hunting and other Outdoor stuff.
      At the moment I have SW 9mm & 40 cal, Springfield 45, Glock 10mm and Taurus 454 Casull. Mossberg AR 22 ( garbage), savage 22-250, SW AR 5.56, Marlin 3030, Remington 308, Savage 338 winmag and 2 Remington 887s nitro mags, 18.5  tactical and turkey.  The bolt actions are fitted with Leupold scopes and the ARs red dots.  I still have a list of stuff I want to get. 
      45-70 govt
      Glock 40 10mm I have the 20
      Mini 30
      Keltec 12 gauge 
      SW 686 357
      McMillan 338 lapua 
      Ruger 10/22
      Another AR 223M 3006 Saiga drum 12 gauge  Remington versa Max  And a few more. 
    • Sign up for next mafia game
      I'll get in on the next one.  
    • Guns, Hunting and other Outdoor stuff.
      I'm not far off but would prefer a long range rifle like a 338 lapua. I got a 338 win mag instead. It's not on the same level as a lapua but again it's way cheaper.  One of these days  
    • Tony Dungy - Hall of Famer - Yeah or Neigh
      I agree Dungy seems like a man of decent morals and character but what's that have to do with being in the HOF. Secondly, just some perspective, a man I once worked with had two adopted children and he was Satan. He was a lazy, vile, self serving man who cost a lot of good people their careers. Not trying to draw a line back to Dungy or other good people who adopt on this but just making a point, I wouldn't be so quick to automatically bless all who adopt into Sainthood either. 
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