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    • Saw 'It Follows' in the theatre, because I'm a horror buff. Some holes and some some crap acting by the guy who slept with her initially, but definitely had its moments. Maika Monroe did a solid job. 'The Wailing', I'll have to check that out. Thanks. I've been getting way lazy with Fangoria.  I'm super picky about my gore in general. I tend to shy away from rape and torture because I admit it just flat out disturbs me to my core because people really do that sh*t.  I sat through 'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer', though. It really just depends. My best friend Mark and I used to see every single horror flick that was ever out when we were in HS. Oh, man, great times. Didn't matter if it was foreign or domestic. He had the car, so off we went. It was our hobby, practically.  I shrieked (you don't want to hear my laugh when I get going), he guffawed. Hahahahahaha,
    • I'm very much a Whiskey fan so I might just hold you to this brotha 👍
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