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    • Let's talk about something fun ... tailgating
      So many stadiums have land available around it because they are remote. Metlife...anything around it is a full time \ every day of the year kind of purchase. Would be sweet to have something like that. Buy bigger shuttles than Redd's has though. They get like 8 people on each one. lol....
    • Is Geno a leader?
      In other words, you have nothing to support your bullsh*t statement that players don't think Geno is a good teammate.  If he were a bad teammate, you'd be able to find PLENTY of quotes from players.  Players talk, especially when they don't like someone.  Here are a few examples: Veteran guard Brandon Moore, taking offense to Santonio Holmes' latest criticism of the offensive line, fired back at the wide receiver Friday, telling that Holmes is creating a rift by throwing teammates under the bus. "He's obviously got the green light to evaluate every position on the team," Moore said. "I just didn't think captaincy entailed that. I've never seen a captain do that. That's not leading. That's not being a leader. It actually fragments the locker room. It's not productive." How about this one? “[Santonio Holmes is] a cancer," one player said. "It’s like dealing with a 10 year old." Or this one? “Go home. Go to the sidelines,” one player said to him. Maybe this one? “He went back and forth with Mark at the meeting,” the source said. “He was saying stuff like, “What am I even here for?” Then he blew off Mark by not even showing up the next day.”   And Geno hasn't even been the "backup QB" for a year.  He was the starter for two years.  So the "nobody cares about the backup QB" argument doesn't really work for you here.  And if he was terrible on the field and a bad teammate, the Jets would have released him.  You know nothing, son.
    • Let's talk about something fun ... tailgating
      Yeah, it's been a thought i've had, seeing that shuttle traffic right in front of where I set up my tailgate.
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