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    • Don Maynard was a beast.
      That was my favorite Jets game ever, it was an emotional roller-coaster and  Shea was rocking. Maynard was the toughest SOB I ever saw play. He took hits ( a lot of them real late) that I thought he wouldn't get back up from. That 4 qtr throw Namath made to him was the best pass Joe ever threw and Maynard made a great clutch catch.

      I said i was done w/the Jets until Woody sells the team but I had to comment on the you tube video and as long as I took the time to logon a few questions and comments.

      One question for the pro-Geno crowd. Did you watch him play his 1st two seasons? If you did and still want him to start then that's just sad and borderline delusional. Geno is one of the worst QB's the Jets ever put on the field and that saying something.

      Another question about last seasons playoff make or break game vs the hated out of contention Bills coached by the hated ex-coach Rex Ryan. How come Fitz gets all the blame and it's never mentioned that the team came out flat and lethargic and that the game plan sucked? No adjustments were made during the game, that's on the coaching staff.  
    • Johnny football suspended 4 games-so far
      But not until he gets back from Cabo.  Not, you know have to finish up whatever drugs he's got stockpiled.   Wheres the XFL when you need it.
    • Sheldon Richardson suspended 1 game
      does this mean we go into the game without Snacks, Sheldon, and Wilkerson, three quarters of the fearsome foursome absent? No wonder we keep drafting defensive linemen.
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