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    • Stop it already. Show me one other instance where Ryan Fitzpatrick ever said anything nasty to anyone in any of the organizations he was a part of.  He's not that kind of guy.  But show me the press conferences when he shows a unique self-reflection and honesty and you'll find a ton of them.  And by the way, what did you want him to say yesterday?  Did you want a "next man up" comment?  A "we play as a team" comment?  How many of these pre-planned and canned cliche's do you need every Sunday exactly? I like the honesty.  You think it's malicious honesty, I think it's self-deprecating honesty.  Either way, it's honest.  Not some 7-9 bullsh*t. SAR I
    • no way we throw Petty in.  Locker room would go crazy.  Fitz has to suck for another few games for this to happen.
    • Exactly.  They should be. Let Fitzpatrick be angry he was benched.  Let Bowles be angry since he doesn't lift a finger on offense.  Let Maccagnan and Johnson get an earful from a quarterback they never should have resigned.  It's a circus, but a more meaningful one this time.  Perhaps they'll learn. Meanwhile, the schedule is set up for us to get to 5-5.  And then the starry-eyed Jets fans whining about Fitzpatrick today will be buying his jerseys, saying how his presser was the turning point of the season.  SOJ SAR I
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