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    • Good for you, @win4ever for putting it directly in @AFJF's face. That was a brutal takedown. I'd self-ban if I was Glenn.
    • I'm not going to kill Idzik for passing on Carr.  In retrospect, yes it looks horrible because Carr became a successful QB, but that's more with hindsight than anything else.   Geno Smith finished his rookie season with a 66 rating, 44 QBR, while Carr finished with a 76 rating and 45 QBR, and his team went 3-13.   The final 4 weeks of the season, Geno finished with the second highest QBR (next to Manning) which seemed to show that he was improving as well, and hitting his stride.  I can't blame a GM for investing a first round pick on a QB that wasn't a surefire thing like Luck, when he just got promising signs from the second round QB he picked the year before.  Yeah, the Panthers picked Cam after Claussen, but Cam was a special talent, and the only reason to pass on him at the time was off the field concerns.   Geno's tenure went downhill the moment Decker got hurt in that Packers game, because after that it was a crap show of talent around him.  Kerley, Greg Salas, Owusu, Amaro, David Nelson, Jeff Cumberland, Sudfeld, and Harvin.   Oakland actually did a good job of surrounding Carr with talent, and it helped to develop the QB.  Cooper and Crabtree, with good third options like Holmes, and last year Seth Roberts.  It also helps to have a good RB like Murray.   We tried to do the same thing with Marshall/Decker/Ivory but IK got in the way.  In retrospect, absolutely, I would have loved if we picked up Carr, but i can't blame the GM for not doing so.  I do blame him as heck for picking Calvin Pryor over Clinton Dix when we badly needed a FS instead of a SS, and then waiting so long to get in on the best WR class in memory.    Replace Pryor/Amaro with Dix/Robinson and I'd say Idzik and Ryan still have a job here.   Paxton Lynch was horrible last year with a team that won the Superbowl the year before, and a very good receiver core.  Why would anyone worry if he's the one that got away?  They draft Chad Kelly last this year, and their fans are gushing about the possibility of him starting this year, or Trevor Simiean.  That's like saying New England is wondering if Devin Smith is the one that got away two years ago.  
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